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      The Quick & Swift podcast informs its listeners on the latest in pop culture and local and national politics. Having experience working on campaigns and a deep interest in music and culture, Karli and Lillie hope to make political current events as easy to talk about as pop culture.

      Between the two of us, we have five degrees, a lot of random knowledge, and some entertaining advice (sometimes). We're at the intersection of ratchet and scholarly, think "Meet the Press" meets the trap. Long story short, you will not be disappointed!

      Lillie Madali
      Lillie Madali works to connect people and communities to their government through data, technology, and connectivity as an IT director in local government. In her free time, she is DJ Lillie Smalls known for playing hip hop and dance music. She has performed at clubs like MJQ and Masquerade, and for music festivals like A3C and OneMusicFest in Atlanta.

      Karli Swift
      Karli Swift serves as a trusted advisor and attorney at a utility company. Swift was a political strategist for a statewide campaign and an attorney at a Fortune 500 firm. Outside of the office, Karli is a board member of New Power PAC, a non-partisan organization that supports women running for elected office in Georgia. In 2015, Karli was named to the National Black Lawyers “Top 100” list.





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